Pre-screening for the Tech Orda voucher program from Astana Hub and EPAM has started!


Candidates who pass all stages of the selection process will be able to study for free at EPAM's 6-month courses in the following areas:
🔹Business Analysis
🔹Big Data (для продолжающих)
🔹Front-End Development
🔹Java Development
🔹Node.js Development
🔹Android Development
🔹.NET Development

To get the voucher you have to:
✅ Choose a program and apply
✅ Complete the English test for level B1 or higher by October 30
✅ Complete the preparatory course with a final score of 70% or higher by November 30
✅ Pass the interview with a recruiter by December 9

🗓 Deadline to apply is October 30.

Follow the link to get more details:https://training.epam.com/#!/TrainingList?lang=en&PlanPricingTypes=2&City=-11

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