At the present stage, the Faculty of business, media and management serves as a provider of highly qualified specialists in the field of information systems, including software, hardware, information, legal, and managerial support. We also educate professionals in the field of digital media in the media industry, IT management, and IT finance, with a strong language preparation, ready to successfully integrate into national and international professional communities.

Today, the departments of the faculty are leading structural units of the university in implementing educational, scientific, and methodological potential. We ensure high quality and a wide range of educational services, introduce new teaching technologies, and expand the base of scientific research, projects, and educational program development.

The faculty offers three levels of education within the following educational programs.

All educational programs are accredited by such leading rating agencies as ASSIN and NAOKO.


We strive to ensure high-quality educational services by creating the necessary conditions for academic, scientific, and innovative activities. Our goal is to promote the development of fundamental and applied research, meet the needs of modern production and society, and establish strong connections between scientific research, educational processes, and industry.


- Organize an educational process that meets modern requirements and internal development needs of the university, based on sustainable competitive advantages.

- Increase the volume and expand the scope of scientific research and innovation activities, international cooperation, and utilize the latest results of fundamental and applied research in both traditional and innovative directions of scientific development, considering the changing demands of the educational services market and labor market.

- Create conditions for the development of professional and creative activities of students, fostering the realization of their personal potential.


The mission of the Faculty is to be a leading scientific and educational center for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of information systems, IT journalism, IT management and IT finance, focused on training competitive specialists for the innovative development of Kazakhstan.

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