7M06113 Digital Media Technologies and Data Visualization


7M06113 - Digital Media Technologies and Data Visualization

Scientific and pedagogical magistracy

Group of educational programs: M094 Information technology

Study period: 2 years

Amount of credits: 120

IT + Media = digital success!

The development of the digital economy, the IT sphere, the state program "Digital Kazakhstan" require new top-level specialists at the intersection of the sciences of information technology and digital content, analytics of new media and information security. To meet the growing demands of the labor market and at the request of employers, recruitment is under way for a master's program, which will prepare masters for various companies with advanced competencies in IT, big data, artificial intelligence, data visualization and digital content.

The goal of the master's program is to train masters, middle managers at the intersection of sciences for the industries of information analytics, media monitoring, big data management, the development of artificial intelligence and the protection of digital content.

Graduates of the EP "Digital Media Technologies and Data Visualization" are in demand in the market of digital content, design, media and creative industries, data visualization, government agencies and other areas.

Main disciplines:

Digital media technologies

Business strategy in a digital environment

Information security and information protection

Big data and social analytics

Risk Management in the Information Age

Artificial Intelligence: Applications for Media Strategy

Visual informatics: computer graphics and visualization

Practice of computer animation and 3D modeling

Principles of virtual and mixed reality

CED 2021

CED 2020

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