6B03204 Television and Radio Journalism

The IITU program “The Television and Radio Journalism” trains specialists able to work with various information resources, which include video, audio, and photo, online editing, software, content management systems, such as Medium, WordPress, Audacity, and Pixlr.com.

Leading positions
  • Announcer, news anchor on television and radio;
  • TV and radio news editor;
  • DJ, radio presenter;
  • Editor, editor-in-chief of electronic and digital media;
  • Publishing editor of TV and radio programs;
  • TV host, leading journalist in electronic media;
  • Editor of the Department of Information Analytics of Electronic Media.
Main Subjects
  • Television News Workshop
  • Online Radio
  • Copyright Creation
  • Speech Engineering and Mastery
  • Video Production for the English Language Media
  • TV and Radio Journalism
  • TV production
  • Live Streaming
Key Competencies
  • Work for specialized program departments of regional, republican and national TV and radio companies,
  • Use methods and technology of media product preparation in different sign systems; verbal, audio, video, photo and graphics;
  • Application of modern technical base and the newest digital technologies in television, radio broadcasting, Internet and mobile media;
  • Preparation of materials with the use of various sign systems (photo, audio, video) to shoot video, work in the frame, interview, work with sound, do editing, create audio stories and podcasts.
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