6B03201 Business Journalism, SMM & PR
Academic Program Objectives
  • To produce qualitative training of demanded media market specialists in the fields of Business, Economic Journalism and Social Media Marketing.
  • To expand the students’ knowledge, develop their skills and competences in the field of media enterprise, public relations management and modern marketing.
Leading Positions
  • Editor-in-chief of the media;
  • PR specialist in commercial and government public relations;
  • SMM specialist;
  • Director of an advertising agency;
  • Journalist and analyst;
  • Business news editor;
  • Leading business media journalist.
Staff Composition

27 teachers, 19 staff members, including 1 Doctor of Sciences, 10 Candidates of Sciences, 3 PhD’s, and 5 masters, with journalists and editors of leading mass media among them.

The Department offers education and internship opportunities for the teaching staff in Great Britain, USA, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Spain, and Italy.

Multimedia Training Studio
  • The training studio consists of three laboratories for the development of major journalistic products - video clips, radio programs, TV films, TV programs, websites and content of websites and blogs.
  • The studio is the workplace of students - future journalists where they acquire real-life practical skills within the university walls.
  • The studio provides conditions conducive to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies in using various types and methods of journalistic activity on TV, radio, online media, and creating original etheric and printed content.
Key Competencies
  • Creation of high-quality business media content for various social platforms and sites, and materials to be posted in social networks
  • Implementation of cutting-edge information technology in different formats (photo, audio, video, and multimedia technologies);
  • Acquisition of in-depth knowledge of modern economic concepts, new forms of organizing modern business communication systems and information enterprises;
  • Development of skills in modern business environment analysis and social marketing;
  • Mastery of advertising intrigue as a marketing component;
  • Promotion of business entities and individuals;
  • Acquisition of knowledge in business publications typology, skills in implementing business publication design, methods and forms of PR activity, and ways of media and business interaction;
  • Ability to work in various management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal, JavaScript scripting language and others;
  • Creation and design of sites, and effective texts for online publications, text optimization for search engines, and one’s own SEO-promotion.
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