6B03203 International Journalism and Internet Security
Information direction

Media and information security is a unique area of training of modern journalists, which is provided only in IITU. Today, such negative phenomena like propaganda of extremism, spreading false information, pranking, digital aggression, trolling etc. are being witnessed throughout the world. A modern journalist is obliged to recognize methods of manipulation of people, to distinguish news from advertising, fact from fiction, to critically analyze different news sources.

Leading positions
  • Special correspondents for working abroad
  • Editor of the Media Analytics Department
  • Editor of the Foreign Social and Political News Department
  • Leading journalist, editor of social and political programs
  • Editor-in-chief of social and political media
  • Special correspondent for social and political media in Kazakhstan and abroad
  • Head of state, regional and central information policy departments
  • Leading digital and electronic media journalists
Key Competencies
  • Collection, processing and analysis of specialized information for digital media;
  • Classification and working with audiences based on political communication; heading government departments for media education and information policy;
  • Creation of high-quality content for digital media, online publications, TV and radio channels, and news agencies;
  • Designing analytical materials in various formats - audio, video, online, as well as newspaper and magazine texts for political and analytical publications; working with foreign news and creating materials in English.
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