Department of Cybersecurity

The purpose of the department ("Cybersecurity") is to provide the educational process with modern methods and technologies in the field of information security, as well as the training of highly qualified specialists specializing in the protection of information and information systems from various threats and attacks. The department strives to develop students' understanding of the basic principles of data security, including cryptography, network security, risk management and other aspects related to the protection of digital assets, in order to ensure their competence and successful adaptation in the rapidly changing and ever-evolving field of computer security.

Mission of the Department of Cybersecurity:

To create conditions for continuous professional self-improvement and development of social and personal qualities of graduates, contributing to the formation of purposefulness, organization, diligence, sociability, ability to work in a team, as well as responsibility for the final result of their professional activities, civic responsibility, and tolerance. Our department strives to develop social mobility and increase the competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market in the field of computer security. We provide high-quality education, relevant knowledge and skills necessary for effective analysis, prevention and solution of problems related to the security of information systems and data. Our mission is to educate specialists who are ready to effectively counter threats in the field of computer security and are able to make a positive contribution to society by ensuring the security of the digital world.

Tasks of the Cybersecurity Department

  • Education and training: Providing high-quality education to students in the field of computer security, equipping them with relevant knowledge, skills and technologies so that they can work effectively in the field of information security.
  • Scientific research: Conducting and supporting scientific research in the field of computer security to create new methods, approaches and technologies to protect information systems and data from threats.
  • Development of training programs: Continuous updating and modernization of training programs so that they reflect the latest trends and requirements in the field of computer security.
  • Practical exercises and trainings: Providing students with practical skills and experience through training practices, trainings and simulations so that they can put their knowledge into practice.
  • Cooperation with industry: Establishing partnerships with industry and organizations to share experiences, provide students with internship opportunities and solve real problems in the field of computer security.
  • Support of society and the state: Participation in solving computer security problems, assistance to the government and society in increasing the level of cybersecurity.
  • Creation and support of laboratories and infrastructure: Provision of modern laboratory conditions, infrastructure and specialized equipment for practical training and research in the field of computer security.
  • Professional development of teachers: Support of professional growth and development of teachers of the department, including their participation in trainings, seminars, conferences and scientific events.
  • Monitoring and analysis of trends in the field of computer security: Monitor the latest developments, threats and trends in the field of computer security and use this information to update training programs and research at the department.
  • Support students in career development: Assistance to graduates of the department in finding employment, providing recommendations, advice and support.
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