Composition of the Dissertation Council of “IITU” JSC

Regulations on the Dissertation Council of “IITU” JSC

Normative documents

  • Model regulations on the dissertation council
  • Rules for awarding degrees
  • Rules for the state registration of dissertations defended for the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD), doctor of the profile

Reports of the Dissertation Council of “IITU” JSC

Sample documents

Instruction for writing dissertation

Instructive letter

List of publications of the Committee for control of education and science of RK for publication of the results of scientific activities

Information about the dissertation defense



Dissertation council of JSC “International Information Technology University” on the specialties of doctoral program / directions of study:

6D070300-Information systems, 6D070400-Computer science and software engineering


Deputy chairman

Academic secretary

Bektemisova Gulnara Umitkulovna, c.t.s., associate professor, JSC “International InformationTechnology University”, Director of the Department of Postgraduate Education

Sinchev Baktygerey Kuspanovich, d.t.s., professor, “International Information Technology University” JSC, Professor of the Department "Information systems”

Kalpeyeva Zhuldyz Beishenalievna Phd, JSC «International University of Information Technology», Director of the Department of Science

Address: Almaty, Manas st. 34/1, Office number: +7 727 244-83-88, Int.: 2038 E-mail: g.bektemisova@iitu.kz

Address: Almaty, Manas st. 34/1, Office number: +7 727 244-83-69, Int.: 2012 E-mail: sinchev@mail.ru

Address: Almaty, Manas st. 34/1, E-mail: zh.kalpeyeva@iitu.kz

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