VI CTF Cup of Russia on information security.

From December 10 to 11, 2022, one of Russia's largest information security tournaments in the CTF (Capture the Flag) format was held in Moscow, where participants practiced methods of protecting digital systems in a playful way.

The main purpose of the competition is the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of information security, professional growth and development of a culture of programming and system design among students and young scientists interested in and involved in the security of information systems.

The national team of Kazakhstan "Scimus_Verum", which consists of players from 4 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IITU, AITU, KBTU, ENU) passed the qualifying stage among 315 teams and successfully participated in the 1/4 finals. Our students took the seventh place and got into the TOP 10 best information security teams in CTF format.

Congratulations to the National team of Kazakhstan "Scimus_Verum" and wish further success and victories!!!

  1. Bazargeldiev Renat – IITU

2.Tursynkul Magzhan- IITU

3.Kabyl Kanat – KBTU

4.Kadyrov Damir – ENU

5.Darmenov Bekzhan – AITU

6.Nazarov Mukhambet– AITU

7.Sailauov Didar – AITU

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