Representatives of the KISA in IITU

The Chairman of the Kazakhstan Information Security Association, Viktor Vladimirovich Pokusov, and the Deputy Chairman, Yuri Pavlovich Filimonov, visited the University of IITU in order to congratulate the participants of the VI CTF Cup of Russia.

Viktor Vladimirovich and Yuri Pavlovich congratulated the members of the Scimus_Verum team on their participation in the VI CTF Cup of Russia, presented gifts to students Renat Bazargeldiev and Tursynkul Magzhan, expressed gratitude to Rector Askar Kusupbekovich and Head of the Cybersecurity Department Saula Toksanovna for such young specialists in the field of cybersecurity.

The question of the origin of the CTF Kazakhstan flow was also raised. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the OUL KISA discussed with Saule Toksanovna and Oscar Kusupbekovich the prospect of creating a new CTF course and holding the first competition on the basis of the International University of Information Technologies.

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