Announcement of the cancellation of Academic Mobility

Dear students who submitted documents for participation in the academic mobility competition with funding from the MES of Kazakhstan!

The Department for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility informs, that in connection with the epidemic COVID-19 direction of students to study abroad within the academic mobility suspended in accordance with the order of the Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan from April 22, 2020 No. 156 "About the cancellation of the order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 28, 2020 № 39 "On approval of the Plan of implementation of the program of academic mobility".

Taking into account that the date of completion of the coronavirus pandemic is unknown, the decision of the Republican budget Commission No. 6 of April 2, 2020 reduced the budget expenditures for the implementation of external academic mobility in 2020.

Documents of students who provided originals will be returned.

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