“Kaspersky Cyberday” at IITU.

On October 11, the International University of Information Technologies (IITU) hosted an outstanding Kaspersky Cyberday conference organized by Kaspersky Lab in cooperation with the Department of Cyber Security.

The event was opened by Askar Kusupbekovich Khikmetov, Rector of the University and Chairman of the Board, and Manas Kanatovich Ospanov, Head of the Industrial Segment for Central Asia and Mongolia at Kaspersky Lab. Their opening speeches marked the beginning of an exciting immersion into the world of cybersecurity.

The conference attracted students and information security experts invited from Kaspersky Lab headquarters. The event was focused on providing participants not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with practical experience in cybersecurity.

Experts from Kaspersky Lab headquarters presented reports covering current cybersecurity issues, cyber threats and perspectives in this field. Conference participants had the opportunity to discuss current trends and challenges with leading experts in the field.

At the end of the conference, certificates and valuable prizes were awarded to the active participants, emphasizing their contribution to enriching the educational environment and advancing the field of cyber security. The event was a great step in providing the educational process with high-quality information and practical experience in the important field of cyber security.






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