IT NATION 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Dear students of grades 10-12 preparing for the subject Olympiad IT NATION 2024! You have asked many questions about the Olympiad and we have answered them.

What is this?

IT NATION 2024 - Subject Olympiad in 5 disciplines for pupils of 10-12 grades, with the main prizes - discounts for the whole period of education in the amount of 100%, 50% and 25%.

How many grants are awarded?

In each discipline, 100% is given for first place, 50% for second place, and 25% discount for third place for the entire period of study. Total, 5 100% discounts, 5 50% discounts, 5 25% discounts. In the discipline "Digital Journalism" the discounts are double: for Kazakh and Russian departments.

Can students participate?

Unfortunately, no. The IT NATION Subject Olympiad is intended for pupils of 10-12 grades.

When will I be added to the telegram chat?

Invitation links will be sent to all participants on February 29 to the mail specified during registration.

Which subjects give discounts for which disciplines?

"Information Technologies", "Information Security" - mathematics, sports programming. "Communications and communication technologies" - mathematics, physics. "Finance, Economics, Banking and Insurance", "Management and Administration" - math, economics. "Journalism and Reporting" - digital journalism.

What's coming up on sports programming?

Sports programming is a type of competition in which participants solve complex programming tasks in a limited time. The main thing in such competitions is to find the optimal solution and implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When will the Olympiad be held?

The first qualifying round will be held on March 2 in online format. The second final round will be held on March 9 in online format.

Is it possible to participate in two disciplines?

The Olympiad in all disciplines will be held at the same time. Therefore, unfortunately, no.

I don't have a laptop/pc, is it possible to write an olympiad from my phone?

Unfortunately, no. We need to ensure a fair assessment of the results, and the proctoring system will help us with that. That is, when writing the Olympiad, our proctors will monitor your cameras and screens.

Registration at the link: Take part in a subject Olympiad

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