Graduation 2024

The International University of Information Technologies (IITU) has graduated more than a thousand new IT specialists. This year, the eleventh graduating class of highly qualified IT personnel received diplomas. Among the graduates are future developers of applications, websites, programs, engineers, data analysts, information protection specialists and journalists.

IITU offers training in various fields, including information technology, information security, telecommunications, management and administration, finance and journalism. Today, graduates of these programs received their long-awaited diplomas.

This year IITU has already graduated its eleventh stream of highly qualified personnel. Among them are 1048 graduates, of whom 982 are bachelors and 66 are masters. It is noteworthy that 103 bachelors received a diploma with honors.

Most of the graduates have already been successfully employed in large IT companies, banks and media organizations such as: Air Astana, Halyk Bank, Yandex, Khabar, Alash Media Group. According to the results of the last academic year, IITU is in the top 5 in the rating of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken in the direction of information and communication technologies. The employment rates of graduates, their salary and duration of job search were taken into account.

This achievement demonstrates the high demand for graduates and popularity of the "International University of Information Technologies" brand in the domestic and foreign market.

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