Galimova Anelya Faridovna is the winner of the scientific research works "Scientific potential 2023".

Galimova Anelya Faridovna became the winner of the 37th International Competition of scientific research works "Scientific potential 2023" in Moscow.

Aniela submitted two works to the competition:

The first is her thesis on "Human resource management on the context of digital transformation". The thesis was defended in 2022 in the State Attestation Commission of the MUIT with excellent results.

The second is NIRS "Digitalization in Human Resource Management: the Case of Kazakhstani Company». The work in the Republican competition of the NIRS of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022 won the third prize.

Scientific supervisor - Candidate of Economic Sciences Berdykulova Galiya Mertayevna, Acting Professor of the International University of Information Technologies.

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