EMBA “HR GENERAL” diplomas were awarded at the IITU.

🎉The EMBA “HR GENERAL” diplomas were awarded at the IITU.

📘Undergraduates received their diplomas to solemn applause 👏

Rector of IITU Hikmetov Askar Kusupbekovich made a speech and congratulated the graduates on their successful graduation, and also wished good luck in their future endeavors!!!

The EMBA “HR GENERAL” Business Administration educational program was developed in 2021 jointly with the University of IITU and many organizations based on their analysis of labor functions, professional standards in the field of management. The list of competencies of educational programs meets all the requirements of society and the labor market and today, for the first time in Kazakhstan, 7 HR Masters of Business Administration have been graduated. The training provided an opportunity to study on-the-job and get all the necessary skills. Graduates are highly qualified specialists in the field of HR with 10 years of experience. This is an indicator of the high level of quality of the educational program.

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