Ed Crunch 2023

Yesterday, on November 16 in Almaty, the second day of EdCrunch X, the Anniversary Global Conference on Digital Technologies in Education, took place.

EdCrunch is the leading international conference on education and new technologies.

As part of the panel discussion "Generative Artificial Intelligence: provocateur, helper or driver of university development", Mr. Askar Kusupbekovich Hikmetov, Rector of MUIT, was the speaker and answered the most topical questions concerning AI.

"Technologies that seem commonplace today will become an integral part of our daily lives tomorrow. People who are able to invent and successfully monetize these innovations become the architects of technological progress. An example of such transformations is "Kaspi", which turned an ordinary QR code into a convenient and efficient payment system. Just as Steve Jobs changed the perception of an ordinary touch screen, creating the cult of "Apple".

These examples show how technology that at first seems mundane can become a real culture. "Kaspi and Apple don't just offer convenient solutions, they shape lifestyles, standards and values. When ordinary things are transformed into cultural symbols, they cease to be mere products and become part of our identity. In this way, technology monetized with inspiration and attention to the needs of society can become an integral part of cultural heritage." - Rector noted.





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