Coursera Day was held in IITU on January 25

🏫On January 25, 2023, JSC" International University of Information Technologies" held a Coursera day seminar for universities in order to demonstrate the methodology for implementing the Coursera for Campus educational platform for universities.

👍 Our mission is to give our students the opportunity to learn and adopt international experience and to develop professional and practical skills in ourselves to the fullest.

🌍"Coursera" is the largest international open online education platform offering online courses and specializations from more than 200 leading universities and educational institutions around the world.

📈"Coursera" consists of more than 4200 educational courses in English and Russian, in 430 specialties and specializations, 60 million.there are more users.

Advantages of "Coursera for Campus" for IITU students:

* Use of the world educational platform "Coursera" in the educational process.

* Mass involvement of students in open online courses (IOC).

* The possibility of introducing blended learning technology through the educational platform" Coursera".

* Additional opportunity to study any course of the educational platform" Coursera " for free.

* The opportunity to undergo training internships through courses from leading vendor companies in the IT sector, which are partners of the educational platform" Coursera".

* The opportunity to learn from foreign teachers of the educational platform" Coursera".

* Winning resume for recruiting companies.

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