On November 29, IITU hosted an Auen Birthday event to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Auen IITU student organization. The concert was opened with a performance by the dance organization Shadows, and the SDU Music Club were invited as guests. There was an incredible atmosphere of celebration and fun at the event. The evening began with an exciting performance by the Shadows Dance Organization, who delighted the audience with their professionalism and energy.

The audience was also pleasantly surprised by the guests from Music Club SDU, whose musical numbers added a special charm to the event. The musicians presented a varied repertoire, creating a unique holiday atmosphere and supporting the emotional mood of all those present.

In addition to music and dance performances, the event program included contests, quizzes and other exciting activities that made the evening even more memorable. Participants and guests of Auen Birthday were able to enjoy not only creative performances, but also pleasant communication, strengthening friendship and solidarity in the student community.

The event left unforgettable impressions and memories, emphasizing the importance of student initiatives, cultural exchange and the celebration of important events in the learning environment. Auen IITU continues to delight its members and maintain the spirit of student solidarity, making each event special and unique.


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