JSC "IITU" launches advanced training courses for teachers

For the first time online training courses for teachers of higher education institutions, colleges and school teachers from JSC "international University of information technologies" (IITU)!!!!

Advanced training courses can become a kind of reset of the teaching staff of Universities, colleges and school teachers! The course programs are developed based on the recommendations of UNESCO (ICT-CFT), version 3 from 2019.

IITU has developed and offers the following online courses:

  • Digital literacy is a basic course on the development of competencies of the XXI century.
  • Digital competencies in the educational process.
  • Creating educational content for face-to-face online learning.

the ability to view video materials and study electronic materials at a convenient time for students and with a comfortable learning intensity.

the possibility of reducing the costs of educational institutions to improve the skills of teaching staff with an increase in the quality of training.

the opportunity to receive consultations (usually 2-3) after the end of training, included in the cost of training, where students will be able to ask questions in the process of applying the results of training in practice.

the possibility of using additional materials to help you master the course program: presentations, a selection of literature and online resources for self-study.

tutor support throughout the entire training period.

at the end of the course, the appropriate certificate is issued

For more information, please contact our tutor Aken. S. E.: 8 775 772 9206 dt@edu.iitu.kz

We will start on June 15, 2020.!

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