"Kazak tili - mangilik eldin maueli bәyteregi". Results

From April 1 to 6, 2024 in accordance with the plan of the Department of Languages for the academic year 2023-2024 the traditional Week of the Kazakh language "Kazak tili - mangilik eldin maueli bәyteregi" was held.

April 01 at 10.00 a.m. opened the event with an exhibition of handicrafts competition "Kөktem kөrinisi". In the foyer on the 2nd floor of the Baizak building students' handicrafts were exhibited. English teachers evaluated the handicrafts and determined the owners of 1/2/3 places.

April 02 at 10.00 a.m. was concluded on the video-challenge "Memlekettik til-menin tilim" uploaded to the social network, of the 15 videos that took part, were determined prize winners 1-2-3 places.

On April 03 at 10.00 a.m. a recitation contest "Olen - menin omіrіm" was organized, the winners of the contest at levels A2/C1 were determined. The jury-section of English language Zhanabaeva Svetlana Battalovna and Kaliaskarova Aynur Amanovna gave fair assessments.

In addition, on April 03 at 12.00 hours was held intellectual contest "Bilekti birdi zhygady, bilimdi myndy zhygady". The contest was attended by 8 students of level C, with great interest performed the tasks of 3 stages. The jury of the English section-Moldasanova Aisulu Ablakimovna, Amanbekova Nurganim Yerbolovna Amanbekova and Baisbai Nazym Bolatovna honestly evaluated the students who participated in the event.

April 04 at 18-30 we went to the world of theater and together with students watched the play "Zhan ake".

On April 05 at 10.00 in the assembly hall in honor of the closing evening "Kazak tili - mangilik eldin maueli bәyteregi" a solemn concert program was organized, students-winners were awarded with letters of thanks, special prizes.

April 06, Kazakh language teachers went to the Holy Land of Turkestan "History of Native Land" together with students. Among other sights-Arystan Bab, the ancient city of Otrar, the old library, the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui and the Caravan Palace.

In the nomination of the crafts contest "Kөktem kөrіnisі" :

1st place Slepokurova Violetta IS-1 / 1st year student

2nd place Ni Alina, Nursultan Yesentaev, Davyd Kabzhitsky SIS-3 / 1st year students

3rd place Alexander Krasnozhonov, Vadim Mishchenko, Mark Kopeychikov SIS-3 / 2nd year students.

Video Challenge "Memlekettik til-menin tilim":

1st place Otar Aslanbek, Selomazidi Yuri, Bekbasov Dias, Kogai Alexander /IS-2-1st year student

2nd place Dosikhanov Nurasyl, 1st year student

3rd place took Myrzataev Ruslan, Span Aset, Vyalova Daria, SIS-1/ 1st year students.

On the expressive reading contest "Olen - menin omirim".

Level C:

1st place Nurlybekova Nurai Jur / 1st year student

2nd place Asylkhan Altynsary IS-2 / 1st year student

3rd place took Yadigarov Ruslan Ruslan IS-2 / 1st year student

Level A:

1st place Mishchenko Vadim, SIS-3 / 2nd year student

2nd place Aleksandr Krasnozhonov, SIS-3 / 2nd year students

3rd place Ishmetova Karina, 1st year, SIS-2

Intellectual contest "Bilekti birdi zhygady, bilimdi myndy zhygady":

1st place Ahmejan Saniya SIS-1/ 1st year student

2nd place Meimanova Adel, Nurlybekova Nurai Jur / 1st year students

3rd place Juan Manas IS-2/ 1st year student

Students who took an active part in the week: Zilkaraeva Akerke, Sultanaliev Dimash, Ismailov Aidyn, Moldakyn Abylai, Niyazova Ulzhan, Naumova Daria, Aslanov Kenanbey, Akylgazy Zhan, Kuat Batyrzhan, Sabit Olzhas. Awarded with a letter of thanks.

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