"A compelling research grant application: from idea to design"

From October 16 to 20, 2023, the International University of Information Technology (IITU) successfully conducted a research training workshop targeting faculty and graduate students engaged in research in the field of information technology.

The topic of the workshop, ""A compelling research grant application: from idea to design"", was particularly relevant and meaningful for the participants, as it focused on a specific example of a competition for grant funding for scientific and scientific-technical projects for 2024-2026. This provided participants with an opportunity to gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in preparing scientific applications.

The lecturer of the seminar-training was an experienced researcher, Doctor of Science, Mrs. Satpayeva Zaira Tulegenovna, Head of the Department of Scientific and Technological and Innovative Development of the Institute of Economics of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Her professionalism and experience brought depth and practical value to the seminar.

The organization of the seminar was entrusted to the Department of Scientific Training of IITU JSC, which allowed to effectively structure the event and ensure its success.

The training seminar was an important event in the university calendar, enriching the academic environment, as well as contributing to the improvement of professional competencies of the participants to successfully compete for research grants. We express our gratitude to all participants, lecturer and organizers for their contribution to the development of the academic environment of our university. May the acquired knowledge and skills serve as a basis for future scientific achievements and innovations.
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