Training lecture "Counteracting Violence and Child Abuse"

On November 27, 2023, IITU hosted an important and educational training lecture on the issues of "Confronting Violence and Child Abuse" and "Domestic Violence". This event was organized to draw attention to current social issues and provide the audience with valuable tools for self-protection.

The speaker of the lecture was an outstanding personality - Mөldir Zhumabaeva, founder of the public foundation "SVET", entrepreneur, journalist and ESD instructor. Her multifaceted experience and expertise combined with a deep understanding of the topics discussed made the lecture particularly informative and important.

During the event, Moldir Zhumabaeva covered the topic of self-defense against gender-based violence in detail, providing the audience with practical skills and strategies to promote their own safety. Her presentation included not only statistics and facts, but also real-life stories that effectively emphasized the importance of the issues discussed.

The lecture also provided a platform for an open exchange of views and questions, which contributed to a deeper understanding of the complexity of the problem. The event ended with the hope that the knowledge gained will be actively implemented in everyday life, contributing to a safe and supportive environment for all members of society.

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