IITU students visited the exhibition "Claude Monet. Genius of Impressionism"

2nd year students of IITU, studying the discipline "Cultural Studies" under the guidance of assistant-professor Tanabaeva Anar Saduakasovna, visited the exhibition "Claude Monet. Genius of Impressionism" in VEKARTA Gallery.

This semester, students immersed themselves in the fascinating world of art by studying the life and work of the great artist Claude Monet, one of the founders of Impressionism. At the exhibition, they familiarized themselves with such famous works as "Impression. Sunrise", "Breakfast on the Grass", "Water Lilies", "Water Lilies", and a special attention was attracted by the painting "Walking. Lady with Umbrella" painted in 1875, also known as "Camille Monet with Son Jean" which is now in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Who is Claude Monet?

Claude Monet (1840-1926) was a prominent French Impressionist painter whose work had a significant influence on the development of world art. Claude Oscar Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. He showed an interest in drawing and painting from childhood. Claude's parents did not support his artistic aspirations, but despite this, he found teachers and began to develop his artistic talent.

Path to Art:

Monet studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he struck up friendships with other future Impressionists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and Camille Pissarro. Together they strove to innovate methods of depicting light, color, and atmosphere in their works.


Claude Monet's work had a huge impact on the development of art, and his work continues to be valued for its innovative approaches to painting and use of color. Monet became a symbol of Impressionism and one of the greatest artists of the 19th century. His works are in the collections of world museums and are admired by art lovers around the world.

After the exciting guided tour, students left their memories in frames by taking pictures in front of the works of art. It was a fascinating and educational journey into the world of creativity and the great artist of Impressionism.

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