Launch of the campaign "Almaty - our common home"

From April 8 to May 8, the campaign "Almaty - Our Common Home" will be held in Almaty. It will cover all districts of the city, and every resident and guest of Almaty will be able to take part in the campaign.

As noted Akim of Almaty Yerbolat Dosayev, this campaign will help to unite all concerned residents, so that the favorite city became cleaner, and careful attitude to nature became a habit for everyone.

We support the initiative of the Akim of Almaty and encourage all students to participate in this campaign.

The main goal of the campaign "Almaty - Our Common Home" is to form the values of careful attitude to the urban infrastructure, education of high civic responsibility and environmental culture among the population, support of private environmental initiatives and creation of conditions for their realization.

The campaign is divided into 4 main stages. The first stage "Our City - Our Streets", held from April 8 to 14, includes cleaning and tidying up the city infrastructure: roads, elevated and underground crosswalks, stop pavilions, traffic lights, lighting fixtures, signs, tourist totems, public toilets. Manholes will also be replaced and garbage cans will be repaired with disinfection and disinsection.

The second stage of "Our City - Our Yard, Our Home", which will be held from April 15 to 21, will include planting of seedlings, as well as plans to repair and tidy up yards and playgrounds. Those wishing to plant greenery in yards and front gardens will be given planting material, and those private house owners who want to paint fences will be provided with paint and varnish material. Various creative and ecological events will also take place during this period. Including the opening of a creative eco-hub, the alley of newlyweds "Zhas zubaylar" and many others. A citywide clean-up day is scheduled for April 20.

The third stage "Our City - Our Mountains, Rivers and Lakes", which will take place from April 22 to 28, will include work to clean embankments and water bodies, parks, squares and foothills. And on the fourth and final stage "Our City - Our Pride", which is scheduled between April 29 and May 8, activities are planned to clean monuments and cultural objects. During this final week, the city fountains will be launched and prizes will be awarded to the most active city residents who participated in the campaign activities.

Additional information about the format of the campaign, conditions of participation, locations of the campaign "Almaty - Our Common Home" will be posted on the website а and in social networks of the Almaty Akimat.

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