Seminar on "Institutional Re-accreditation of the International University of Information Technologies"

A seminar on "Institutional Re-accreditation of the International University of Information Technology" was held at IITU JSC.

Since 2019, our university has been officially awarded the status of an international university by the international organization ASIIN. This accreditation expires in September 2023, therefore a re-accreditation with a grace period for preparation has been requested.

The event was attended by faculty members, department heads and university staff.

The main topics discussed at the conference were:

  • Institutional accreditation - definition, objectives.
  • IITU strategic documents
  • Parameters of expert evaluation;
  • Methodological foundations of educational programs
  • Role of faculty members.

The accreditation itself will take place between February 29 and March 1, 2024.

The review will be carried out by six experts as well as the ASIIN director himself, Dr. Irling Wasser. It is also known that one expert from the past will be included in the committee to make a comparative analysis and overall assessment of the university.





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