“CyberSecurity” Section

«CyberSecurity» Security

CyberSecurity is an information security competition of CTF format, which is held on the CTFD platform. Within the framework of the competition, participants are offered a number of tasks to test their knowledge in the field of information security. The answer to each task is a "flag" - a string from 1 to 50 characters long, starting with iituCTF and consisting of letters of the English alphabet, and may also contain numbers and the "_" symbol (underscore).

The aim of the competitors is to send the greatest number of correct flags to the flag receiving system. A flag is considered correct if it coincides with the organizers' flag with register accuracy.

Dates of the competition: 27.11.2023 (12 o'clock).

Start on 27.11.2023 at 14:00:00.

End on 28.11.2023 at 1:59:59.


1st place - 250,000 tenge

2nd place - 200,000 tenge

3rd place - 150,000 tenge

You can ask questions to the organizers in the Telegram group: https://t.me/itfest2023/5

Regulations and other details can be found at the link: https://itfest.kz/cybersecurity/#

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