“Film and video” Section

Section "Film and Video"

The overall goal of the section is to give an opportunity to university students, school students and representatives of other youth organizations to demonstrate their professional skills and creative potential in the field of video and photo art, thus taking part in the social, cultural and economic spheres of society.


  1. Peacemaking: how IT technologies in the future can save the world from conflicts between countries.
  2. History of the University - create a short documentary video presenting the history and achievements of the International University of Information Technology over the last 15 years.
  3. Future Technologies: a vision for 2038 - create short videos in which you imagine what technologies will be relevant in 15 years, in 2038.
  4. Save the ecology of the country and the world.
  5. No to domestic violence
  6. What gambling and addiction can lead to.
  7. Create a country image video


1st place - 250,000 tenge

2nd place - 200,000 tenge

3rd place - 150,000 tenge

Regulations of the section "Film and Video".

  • One work may not occupy more than one main nomination.
  • The preferred duration of the work is up to 10 minutes.
  • Technical requirements for the nominations are specified in the appendices.
  • The jury of the "Film and Video" section, consisting of practitioners in the field of cinema, theater, TV and radio broadcasting, PR and advertising, partner companies by discussion and voting, determines the winners in the nominations.
  • Works with application of new media and digital technologies, video art, interactive technologies, multimedia, computer art, video installations, audiovisual performances, bio-art, etc. are accepted.

Registration is now open and you can register by clicking here: https://itfest.kz/registration/?section=film_and_video

Questions for the organizers can be asked in the Telegram group: https://t.me/itfest2023/4

Regulations and other details can be found at the link: https://itfest.kz/film-and-video/

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