Rector of IITU - speaker at Digital Almaty

On February 3, a panel session of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education was held in Almaty as part of the Digital Almaty 2024 International IT Forum. The session brought together well-known speakers and experts in the field of information technology and education, including Sayasat Nurbek, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Andrei Beklemishev, Regional Director of IDC, Kenes Rakishev, President of Fincraft Group Holding, Askar Khikmetov, Rector of IITU, Serikbay Bisekeev, President of Arman Holding, and Safder Nazir, foreign representative of Huawei Technologies.

One of the key moments of the session was Kenes Rakishev's announcement to launch a competition to create a Kazakh language learning application. This initiative was unanimously supported by all participants. He emphasized that the contest will be organized on the basis of IITU, which is a significant step in supporting the development of Kazakh language and culture among young people using modern technologies.

The session discussed the most important issues of personnel training for the digital future and the role of education in the development of Industry 4.0. Askar Khikmetov emphasized the importance of adapting curricula to the requirements of the modern digital economy and focused on the need for close cooperation between educational institutions and the IT industry for effective training of the new generation of specialists.

"In the era of digitalization, it is important not only to provide students with access to modern technologies and tools, but also to develop their critical thinking, ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes. IITU actively works on integrating real IT projects into the learning process, which allows our graduates to be as prepared as possible for the challenges of the digital future," Askar Khikmetov noted.

The event became a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas between representatives of the academic community, business and government agencies, contributing to the development of cooperation in the field of digital transformation of education and training of highly qualified IT specialists.

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