Results of the competition for the fall semester of the academic year 2024-2025 academic mobility program within the framework of the national budget

Dear students,

We are pleased to announce the results of the competition for the fall semester 2024-2025 academic year under the program of academic mobility within the framework of the national budget. According to the order No. 62 dated 15.02.2024, the Ministry of Education and Science has allocated 10 places to IITU, of which Europe - 8 places, South - 2 places. 160 applications were submitted by the students of 1-2 years. 140 applications were accepted for Europe and 20 applications for South.

Main list:

  1. Aqqazina Gaukhar - 2nd year (Europe)
  2. Beysembayev Nursultan Manatuly -1 year (Europe)
  3. Teleubayev Artur - 2nd year (Europe)
  4. Ermekbayev Bakdaulet - 2nd year (Europe)
  5. Kamysbaev Amir Kanatovich - 1st year (Europe)
  6. Salimova Aizhan Rustamkyzy - 2nd year (Europe)
  7. Zulyarov Diyar Muratovich - 2nd year (Europe)
  8. Mashina Veronika Alekseevna - 2nd year (Europe)
  9. Tuleulov Sultan Temirkhanuly - 2nd year (South)
  10. Іztleuov Binesh Romanuly - 2nd year (South)

Backup list:

  1. Makhambetkyzy Madina - 2nd year (Europe)
  2. Kalymova Zhansaya Kayratkyzy - 1st year (Europe)
  3. Maripova Saniya Bolotbekovna - 2nd year (Europe)
  4. Turganbay Alisher Ergaipuly - 2nd year (Europe)
  5. Khamrayeva Yasmin - 1st year (Europe)
  6. Zainelova Ayaulym Kuatbekkyzy - 2nd year (Europe)
  7. Musabayev Edige Kanatuly - 1st year (Europe)
  8. Nursadykova Rashida Altayevna - 1st year (Europe)
  9. Kapar Dina Almazkyzy - 1st year (UGA)
  10. Tireuova Akniyet Sayasatkyzy - 2nd year (South)
  11. Alishev Alisher Bahytuly - 2nd year (South).

We congratulate the winners and wish them success in their studies!

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