Prevention of terrorism and extremism

On November 15, 2023, the International University of Information Technologies held a significant online lecture on the topic "Prevention of Terrorism and Extremism". The speaker of the event was an outstanding professor with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Mukan Saken Mukanuly.

The lecture provided participants with a unique opportunity to deeply understand and discuss key aspects related to the prevention of extremism and terrorism. Mr. Mukan Saken Mukanuly, with his extensive experience and expertise in this field, provided a fundamental analysis of the factors influencing the spread of extremist and terrorist ideas.

The lecture discussed modern methods of countering these phenomena, including the use of information technology, social measures and the involvement of educational institutions. The professor stressed the importance of training and education in countering radicalization and terrorism, as well as the role played by educational institutions in shaping conscious and responsible civic behavior.

The lecture ended with an open discussion where students and teachers could ask questions and share their opinions on the problem of terrorism and extremism in the modern world. The event had a significant impact on the formation of an informed approach to solving these problems, as well as emphasized the importance of academic platforms in discussing and countering such phenomena in society.



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