Preventive monitoring of the project

On December 20, 2020, International Information Technology University and A.Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University (ABKRU) have passed the monitoring of the project “ELBA Establishment of training and research centers and Courses development on Intelligent BigData Analysis in CA” Erasmus+ Program.

The monitoring was carried out by the National Erasmus + Office in Kazakhstan, the participants - 2 universities of Kazakhstan, members of the project consortium - IITU and ABKRU.

The format of the event - MUIT - offline, ABKRU – online

The Rector of IITU, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Raisa Kabievna Uskenbaeva addressed the participants of the monitoring with a welcoming speech. In her speech, the Rector thanked the National Office for support in the implementation of the project at universities, welcomed the monitoring participants, expressed her conviction that the project aimed at modernizing of programs and courses in Data Science will undoubtedly make a great contribution not only in the capacity building of the teaching staff of both universities, but also in its educational activities.

On behalf of ABKRU team spoke Nurlan Amirovich Medetov, acting Vice-rector for Science, Internationalization and Digitalization.

Director of the National Office of National Erasmus + Office in Kazakhstan (NEO) Ms. Tasbulatova Shayzada Umurzakovna acquainted with the goals and objectives of monitoring, wished all the participants fruitful work.

The country coordinator and local coordinator of ABKRU Azamat Zhikeev, Director of the Institute for Distance Learning and Additional Education, informed the audience of the current state of project plans implementation. Aidos Sarsembaev, a member of the IITU project team, informed about the relevance of the project, the importance of Big Data Analysis, as well as the quality of all work on the project. Nayzabayeva Lyazzat informed about the state of teaching courses and programs in Data Science at IITU, about the share of this course in educational programs of IITU at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels, with additions from the teachers of the KRU. All participants of the monitoring contributed with the information of the part of the project works for which they are responsible.

During the monitoring process, all issues of the project implementation were considered in details, including:

1) Preparation and implementation of the fundamental project documents - quality strategy, dissemination strategy, project sustainability, etc.

2) The current state of trainings, participation of team members in them;

3) The state of equipment purchase;

4) Impact of the project at the individual, institutional and national levels.

The monitoring was conducted by the project coordinator at IITU Zakirova G.D. and Director of the International Department of A. Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University Kandalina E. M.

In conclusion, the Director of the National Office summed up the results of monitoring visit, made a number of recommendations and assessed the implementation of the project plans as satisfactory.

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