A collection point for flood victims has been opened

A number of regions of the country have been severely affected by large-scale flooding, with many settlements inundated. The natural disaster has caused enormous damage to thousands of families of compatriots, they have lost their homes and are in a difficult situation. The state and ordinary citizens are providing comprehensive assistance to the victims. The IITU staff has joined this noble cause and following the motto "Biz Birgemiz" makes its contribution.

A collection point for humanitarian aid has been opened in the Main Building of the University (1st floor, office 103), which will then be transferred for delivery to the flood-affected regions. At the present time, we need soap and detergents, household tools (shovels), bags and gloves, bed linen, blankets and plaids, hygiene products, perishable products (canned food, cereals in hermetically sealed packaging, etc.), thermoses, lanterns, powerbanks and others. Also those who wish can voluntarily provide financial support by transferring funds to the official aid funds or take part in the work of the university volunteer group in their free time.

For questions about humanitarian aid you can contact: volunteer post in the hall on the 1st floor, office #104 (UMP), WhatsApp +77073728154 (messages only).

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