Opening of the Anritsu LAB 5G research and development laboratory.
The International Information Technology University (IITU) Has Become the First University in Central Asia to Open a 5G Research Laboratory with the Support of Anritsu Company (Japan)

Last Tuesday, May 21, the grand opening of the first 5G laboratory took place at the International Information Technology University with the support of the Japanese Company Anritsu.

What opportunities does this open up for IITU students and researchers?

The lab is equipped with Anritsu's advanced 5G network testing tools, including 3G, 4G and 5G network emulation. It will be used for research in the field of wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT) and other modern technologies. Undoubtedly, thanks to the practical capabilities of the laboratory, the qualifications of students and the demand for IITU graduates in the labor market will increase.

Ciril Noger, an Anritsu specialist, in his report report “Ensuring Performance of 5G Network with Accurate Field Measurements”, presented all the capabilities of the latest generation equipment for monitoring and testing to ensure the performance of 5G networks.

Nikita Kuzmichev, an operating engineer at Anritsu, also made a presentation “From 5G Fronthaul to the Network Core: Efficient Testing of Modern Wired Networks”. He spoke about measuring fiber optic lines using modern equipment from Anritsu. Recent innovations have made it possible to perform complex optical line measurements with high accuracy and reliability.

IITU has become the first university in Central Asia where Anritsu opened a research laboratory. Similar Anritsu laboratories already operate in Switzerland (Swiss Innovation Park in Biel/Bienne), Italy (University of Rome Tor Vergata), US and Japan, allowing students and researchers around the world to benefit from modern technologies and testing methods.

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