IITU - champion of ALMA CUP 2023

Great news about IITU's victory in the ALMA CUP 2023 tournament! This triumph is an important achievement not only for the team, but also for the entire university community. Cybersports is becoming an integral part of active student life, and such victories underline the outstanding sporting and organizational qualities of IITU.

During the competition, the IITU team demonstrated not only outstanding skills in Counter-Strike 2, but also excellent teamwork, tactical thinking and strategic planning. Winning the finals over an opponent such as KBTU emphasizes the high level of training and experience of our cyber athletes.

This win is a result of the hard work, dedication, and commitment of team members, coaches, and the entire MUIT cybersports community. It also shows that the university continues to develop talented players, giving them the opportunity to excel at the national and perhaps even world level.

Congratulations to IITU on this impressive achievement, we are sincerely proud of our cyber athletes and express our gratitude to everyone who invested efforts in training and supporting the team. May this victory be an inspiration for future tournaments and draw even more attention to cybersports at the university!


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