IITU has become a member of the United Nations Academic Impact Initiative.

What is this Initiative?

The initiative brings together 1,640 institutions of higher education in 152 countries, more than 25 million people from education and research, representing different regions of the world and many diverse disciplines. Since 2010, UNAI has built a dynamic and diverse network of students, teachers, academics, researchers, think tanks, higher education institutions, continuing education institutions and educational associations. These institutions are doing important work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that we face.

What opportunities and assistance does UNAI provide?

With membership in the program, educational institutions have the opportunity, without additional effort or expense, to take actions that directly contribute to the achievement of the mandates and goals of the United Nations. Every subject and discipline in the university can be linked to the UN. By participating in the program, the university will become an incubator of new ideas and solutions to many global problems. UNAI helps stakeholders by disseminating information about UN initiatives and activities, sharing options for implementing such activities at the local level on university campuses, classrooms and communities, and providing a platform where students, faculty and researchers can connect and share ideas, research and resources to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and other UN mandates.

The United Nations Academic Impact initiative supports and promotes ten core principles:

  1. Poverty alleviation - Commitment to alleviating poverty through education;
  2. Capacity development - Committed to strengthening the capacity of higher education systems worldwide;
  3. Education for All - Committed to providing educational opportunities for all people regardless of gender, race, religion and nationality;
  4. Global Citizenship - Commitment to promoting global citizenship through education;
  5. Access to Higher Education - Committed to providing all stakeholders with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge required for higher education;
  6. Human Rights - Commitment to human rights, including freedom of research, opinion and expression;
  7. Intercultural Dialogue - Commitment to promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding and to "unlearning" intolerance through education;
  8. Peace and conflict resolution - Commitment to peace and conflict resolution through education;
  9. Sustainability - Commitment to promoting sustainability through education;
  10. United Nations Charter - Commitment to the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

Participation in the program will not only bring innovation and solutions to global challenges, but will also strengthen IITU's position as an internationally recognized center for information technology.

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