IITU - prize-winner of the RK Championship in rapid and blitz chess!

IITU - prize-winner of the RK Championship in rapid and blitz chess!

We are proud to announce that students of the International University of Information Technologies (IITU) shone gold at the Republic of Kazakhstan 2023 Championship in Rapid and Blitz Chess! From October 18 to 20, the city of Karaganda witnessed an amazing tournament where our four brightest representatives excelled in the chess competition.

🌟 IITU with gold:

- 🥇 Ivan Mezentsev

- 🥇 Askarov Bakhtiyar

- 🥇 Rakhimzhan Alen

- 🥇 Balabaeva Ksenia

These young minds not only represented their university, but also proved their outstanding chess skills by bringing back well-deserved gold medals. Their talent, strategic thinking and analytical skills left spectators and opponents alike unmoved. This success is the result not only of individual efforts, but also of the collective spirit of IITU. We are proud of our chess players and thank them for their dedication and commitment to improvement. We congratulate you on this wonderful victory and wish you new high achievements at the next tournaments!

May every move be successful for you, and the royal checkmate sound like a hymn of your triumph! Forward to new heights and brilliant victories, IITU!


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