IITU: Technology Education Leadership

The International University of Information Technologies is proud of our strategic partnership with KINERGY PF, focused on the Technovation Girls Kazakhstan program and the special TechQyzdar initiative. These steps strengthen our role in supporting technology education and women's entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan.

Partnership with KINERGY:

Our partnership is creating new educational and career opportunities in technology for girls and women.

Community Impact Projects:

Working together with Kinergy, we implement significant social projects that contribute to the development of Kazakhstan's IT community.

On learning initiatives:

Technovation Girls Kazakhstan: program inspires girls to be entrepreneurs and develop STEM skills.

TechQyzdar program: #non-study for girls ages 13-18. The goal is to introduce emotional literacy and goal-setting skills so that participants can be more productive in their learning and in projects like Technovation Girls.

Opportunities for participants:

  • Skills development: programming and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Mentorship and support: help to realize the ideas and projects of the participants.

The Global Education department supports the program by providing quality education and support to participants.

Join us as we strive to create a future where technology and entrepreneurship are accessible to all. Together we are shaping a future where every woman is a leader in the world of technology!

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