IITU in the National Rating of Scientists of RK!

International University of Information Technology - actively increases its position in the national ranking of scientists!

We are proud to announce that our university has once again confirmed its high status in the scientific community of Kazakhstan. According to the project "Kazakh National H-index Ranking", which aims to assess the scientific productivity of scientists, research groups and organizations in Kazakhstan based on the composite Hirsch index, for the first quarter of 2024, IITU ranked 25th (↑2) among more than two hundred universities and research institutes in Kazakhstan.

Our performance in figures:

  • Place in National Ranking: 25 (↑2)
  • H-index (National): 20 (+3)
  • H-index (Scopus): 23 (+3)
  • H-index (Web of Science): 19 (+3)
  • H-index (Google Scholar): 33 (+3)
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-29 at 09.16.46.jpeg

These results testify to the continuous process of scientific growth and improvement of the quality of education at our university. We express our gratitude to our scientists, students and staff for their hard work and dedication to the common pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

I would also like to note the achievements of our scientists who entered the Top 1000 Kazakhstani scientists according to the international database Scopus:

  1. Razaque A. - H-index: 21 (Seat: 95)
  2. Ali Mohsin A. - H-index: 12 (Place: 333)
  3. Ali Musab A.M. - H-index: 12 (Place: 341)
  4. Altayeva Aigerim - H-index: 10 (Place: 496)
  5. Kolesnikova Kateryna - H-index: 9 (Place: 552)
  6. Daineko Yevgeniya - H-index: 8 (Place: 666)
  7. Dinara Kozhamzharova - H-index: 8 (Place: 729)
  8. Kadirbayeva Zhazira - H-index: 8 (Place: 730)

Congratulations to our colleagues on this achievement! Continue to lead us all along the path of new discoveries, making your valuable contribution to the development of the scientific community!

Sincerely, University Administration!

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