The book and the reader. Ways to realize new ideas presented at the kurultai

On March 28, the Republican Library for the blind and visually impaired held a round table on the theme: "The Book and the Reader. Ways to realize new ideas presented at the Kurultai".

The discussion was attended by the staff of special libraries in the regions, as well as librarians and students of such universities and colleges of Almaty as: Q-University, Egyptian University of Islamic Culture, International University of Information Technologies, as well as Kaskelen College of Culture.

A book exhibition "Braille books for children" was prepared for the event. Zh. Sarsenbaeva, head of the IITU library, prepared a report on "The Book of the Future".

The discussion between students and librarians touched upon the benefits of books, the negative impact of indiscriminate use of the Internet on the upbringing of the younger generation and the establishment of the National Book Day.

At the end of the event, A. Bayuzakov, Director of the Republican Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired, presented the participants with letters of appreciation.

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