Day of Practical Psychology at IITU

The thematic Day of Practical Psychology was organized by the Department of "Media Communications and History of Kazakhstan" and the psychological service of IITU together with the Youth Psychological Organization "Insight" at the University of International Business named after K. Sagadiev (UIB).

During the day, students were able to familiarize themselves with the main directions and tools of psychology, learned how it can help them in everyday life. The event included interactive workshops, games and exercises to develop self-analysis, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills, as well as consultations with psychologists.

Through movie therapy, students tried to identify themselves and their emotions while developing empathy and understanding after watching and discussing a short film. Sand Therapy and Art Diagnostics helped them to know themselves through creativity and receive individual psychological counseling from psychology students.

The practical psychology day received positive feedback. Students thanked everyone who participated in the organization of the event, they noted the usefulness of such meetings with psychologists and expressed the wish to hold them more often.

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