A Center for the Support in Development of Universities in Kazakhstan and Central Asia was launched at IITU

The International Information Technology University (IITU) and the «E-Quadrat Science & Education» company (Germany) signed an agreement on joint activities and the launch of a scientific, educational and consulting Centre for Sustainability & Data-Driven Solutions (SDDS).

The work of the Center will be focused on areas that are important for higher education and scientific institutions. Its uniqueness is in the fact that this is an international center with a full range of competencies in the field of sustainable development, modeling and data-driven analysis for strategies of the universities development, issues of increasing their competitiveness and advancement in world rankings.

Currently, increasing global competitiveness is the acute task of higher professional education. The SDDS Center will provide analytical and practical assistance to universities in promoting and integrating into the global scientific and educational space. For this purpose, experts from «E-Quadrat Science & Education» company, which is a leader in the development of strategies for development, transformation and academic excellence in education and science, will be involved. Leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of scientometrics, management and higher education modeling will be involved in the analytical, training and advisory activities of the Center.

Promoting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations and enhancing the involvement of the academic community in the process of solving vital global problems of humanity are defined as another important area of activity of the Center.

It should be noted that IITU joined the UN «Academic Impact» Program (UNAI), which unites more than a thousand leading universities in the world. As a member, the university strives through education, innovation and IT technology to contribute to the promotion of internationally recognized principles aimed at increasing literacy levels and creating conditions for crosscultural dialogue, ensuring sustainable development and peaceful resolution of conflicts, solving the problem of poverty and protecting human rights. The activities of IITU in this vein and the launch of the Center will help promote the idea of the Head of State K.Tokayev to strengthen the role of Kazakhstan as one of the key actors in the international process of solving global problems, as well as turning the city of Almaty into a regional humanitarian hub of the UN for the Sustainable Development.

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