Alumni Day was held at IITU!

15 years of IITU: Alumni Meeting - Alumni Day!

October 24 was an incredible day in the history of International University of Information Technology (IITU), celebrating the 15th anniversary of our esteemed institution.

Alumni Day: inspiration and experience!

On this day, we came together to celebrate the successes of the first graduating class of 2013 and learn how they reached their peaks in the world of business and information technology.

Reports and success stories:

IITU alumni shared their experiences, talked about their work and leadership in startups. The stage became a place where inspiring success stories were heard, as well as precious practical knowledge accumulated over the years.

Projects that change the world:

The meeting provided a unique opportunity to ask questions to the creators of such successful projects as Sxodim, 1Fit, Dara Solutions, Tredo, Qalan, as well as to communicate with Google representatives.

Connecting generations and the future:

The day not only celebrated the magnificent achievements of the alumni but also strengthened the bonds between students of different years and generations. Alumni Day epitomized unity, sharing of ideas and inspiration for new accomplishments in the future.


We thank all participants for their valuable contribution to the education and development of IITU. We congratulate our wonderful graduates on this momentous occasion and wish them new heights and success in their professional and personal development!

Onward to another 15 years of great achievements and progress!










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