Video-Challenge "Independence of Kazakhstan through the eyes of students!" at IITU

Today, at the International University of Information Technologies, the Department of Media Communication and History of Kazakhstan held a video-challenge within the framework of the Independence Day celebration. The organizers and moderators of the event were senior lecturer of the department, Batayeva S.A., and assistant professor of the department, Tanabaeva A.S..

After a warm welcome speech by the Head of the Department of MaHK, Niyazgulova Aigul Askarbekovna, videos from 6 groups of students were presented, each of which recreated the history and achievements of independent Kazakhstan. For creativity, idea and technical execution Grand Prix and "Oscar" were awarded to the group SIS-2117.

The first place in the competition went to group IT1-2209, second place went to IT1-2215, and third place went to SIS-2216. Groups IT1-2205 and IT1-2214 were also singled out for their high creativity.

This event was not only a celebration of independence, but also a reflection of students' patriotism, their desire to contribute to the prosperity of the country. Organizers Bataeva S.A. and Tanabaeva A.S. expressed gratitude to students for active participation and announced the decision to hold such an event annually.

The event left warm memories of students' creativity and contribution to the celebration of historically important events for Kazakhstan.

The video you can watch on Youtube

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