Alpar Sultan Duisenuly is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)!

Alpar Sultan Duisenuly went through a number of important steps to obtain his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. He chose the Data Science program and has been actively preparing for his thesis defense. After the successful defense on November 22, his work was further reviewed, and on January 17, 2024, according to the order of the Chairman of Quality Assurance in the field of science and higher education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 63 from 17.01.2024, "On awarding the degree" he was awarded the highest degree.

This impressive journey of the Doctor of Philosophy, Alpar Sultan Duisenuly, to obtaining the highest degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Data Science is a true embodiment of perseverance, in-depth knowledge and scientific achievement. His dedication and hard work in this academic journey emphasizes the importance of the effort invested in pursuing higher education and scientific development. This well-deserved success reflects not only his personal efforts, but also the high standard of education at the university.

Alpar Sultan Duisenuly is a senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematical and Computer Modeling at our university, where he teaches students natural sciences.

Congratulations on this significant milestone in your academic career and we wish you further success in the field of information technology!


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