Aitmagambetov Altay Zufarovich was awarded with a letter of thanks and anniversary medal of MDDIAI RK

Dear students and faculty of IITU!

With great pride and joy we would like to share important news about our outstanding professor, Altay Zufarovich Aitmagambetov. This year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Republican Space Communication Center (RSCC), Professor Aitmagambetov was honored to receive a letter of thanks and an anniversary medal of MDDIAI RK. This event took place within the framework of the solemn meeting organized by the National Space Center.

RCSC occupies a leading place in the development of the national space infrastructure of Kazakhstan, making a significant contribution to the creation and management of satellite communications and broadcasting. The successes and achievements of RSCC, including management of KazSat series communication satellites and development of unique ground complexes Akkol and Kokterek, are the result of efforts of highly qualified specialists, including our professor Altay Zufarovich Aitmagambetov.

Altai Zufarovich is an example of professionalism, dedication to his work and tireless pursuit of new knowledge and discoveries. His contribution to the development of the space industry and education of young specialists is invaluable. We are proud that such talented and inspiring personalities are part of our university.

We congratulate Prof. Aitmagambetov on this outstanding achievement! This is not only a recognition of his personal contribution to the development of the space industry, but also evidence of our university's contribution to the training of world-class specialists.




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