The “Lingua” Center offers English language courses

The “Lingua” Center offers English language courses for students with a basic level of English. The main target of the “Lingua” Center is to prepare students for successful study at IITU, in which English is the language of tuition.

Why Lingua?

- professional teaching staff;

- convenient course timetable for students;

- courses conducted 5 times a week for 2 academic hours;

- certificate confirming the level of English issued at the end of the course.

Admission to the courses is determined by the results of an online test. The test consists of 50 questions to be answered in 50 minutes. After the test students receive the results immediately. The English language level is determined in accordance with the test the results.

Lingua Language Center offers:

1 Language Programs

  • General English
  • English for Professional Purposes

- English for IT

- English for Finance

- English for Management

- English for Journalism

-English for Radioelectronics, Electronics and Telecommunications

  • Business English
  • IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT Prep Courses
  • Preparation for Bachelor, Undergraduate, Graduate Entry Exams
  • One-to-One English
  • English for Kids
  • Kazakh language
  • Russian Language
  • Korean Language
  • Corporate English Training
  • Study abroad programmes : Malaysia, London, the USA etc.
  1. Translation services
  • Translating documents in different languages
  • Editing and proofreading documents in Russian, English and Kazakh languages
  1. Workshops, Teaching qualifications and courses

Structure of the course:

Standard course: One level - 2 months, 3 times a week for 2 hours (100 min)

Intensive course: One level - 1 month, 5 times a week for 2 hours (100 min)

The cost of the course is 30 000 tenge, per month,5 times a week for 2 hours

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate is issued that exempts students from the entrance exam in the English language.

Applicants who score less than 70% of the maximum score according to the test results should take an online intensive English course in the “Lingua” language center to increase their English proficiency by August 28th.

Applicants with an IELTS certificate with a score of at least 5.0 are exempted from the English entrance exam.

For further information please contact: 87477142430, 87777731027

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