IITU held an educational event "Achievements of independent Kazakhstan"

On October 19, the International University of Information Technologies held an educational event dedicated to the day of the Republic, organized by the assistant professor of the Department of Media Communication and History of Kazakhstan Tanabayeva Anar with students on the topic "Achievements of independent Kazakhstan". It was opened by the Vice-Rector for academic and educational work Mustafina Akkyz, who paid special attention to the importance of the holiday of the Republic Day, and also told about its history.Professor of the Department of Media Communication and History of Kazakhstan Dulatbek Kydyrbekov made meaningful report on the topic "Sovereignty of Kazakhstan, which we must cherish", Signor-lecturer Botaeva Saule made her report on topic "Independence of Kazakhstan is the main value of the country". Then students of IT1-2205 group focused on the achievements of Kazakhstan, gave a presentation, and the audience told their facts. After that Kazybekov Nurdaulet performed "Adai" by patriarch of Kazakh folk music, well-known musician “kyuishi” and composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly .

At the end of the event, Anar Tanabayeva thanked all the participants and congratulated them on the upcoming Republic Day. The event ended with the performance of the national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan.




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