EDP Hub opened access to E-UNI.KZ resource for IITU faculty and students!

Dear teachers and students!

The company "EDP Hub (Idipi Hub)" LLP - the developer of educational platform E-UNI.KZ and the publisher of educational and professional literature has opened test access to the resource https://e-uni.kz/ for JSC "International University of Information Technologies" until 05.03.2024, teachers and students could test and evaluate the new educational platform.

The platform is accessed through registration by logins and passwords. Registration can be done from any place with Internet access (not only from computers at the University).

Login credentials for students and faculty:

Login: iitu.kz

Password: TVDRzB2u

It is highly recommended that you attend a webinar for faculty and students before you start testing. Successful testing depends on how quickly you become familiar with the resource. All information on the time and date of the webinar can be found in the University Library.

Digital Library E-UNI.KZ https://e-uni.kz/— is a unique polythematic database of educational and scientific publications, convenient services for studying and teaching, a modern tool for training qualified and competitive specialists in various sectors of the economy. The E-UNI.KZ platform is designed to help integrate the best solutions into the educational environment of universities and colleges, taking into account the trend towards digitalization.

Advantages of using E-UNI.KZ:

- Use of exclusively licensed up-to-date content of educational and scientific literature in all areas of HE and TVET, its constant updating;

- multi-lingual content in Kazakh, English and Russian languages;

- a wide range of editions of leading Kazakhstani universities: Taraz Regional University named after M.H. Dulati, Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after M.H. Dulati, Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after M.H. Abay, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after M.H. Dulati. Abai, Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University named after S. Seifullin, ALMA University, etc.

- platform with online courses and a collection of content on digital technologies, allows to provide new digital educational modules and universal competencies on digital economy in educational organizations with relevant content designed in accordance with the current requirements for the application of end-to-end digital and information technologies in the real sector of the economy.

Support service: v.kutueva@iprmedia.ru, edp_hub@mail.kz

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