Get pumped for codeW !

codeW is a 3-hour coding contest for girls and we want to encourage all of you to participate and improve your coding skills, or count it as one of your first steps in your programming career!

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with like-minded women your age, who has similar interests and passions.

Our annual coding contest codeW is going to be held virtually this time, but it means that you can solve the problems comfortably at your home .

Still thinking about applying? You can win really cool and cute prizes from our amazing SPONSORS (wait to know more about them).

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to fall in love with programming and thrive in competition, so register via the link below :

Where? Online.
When? 10th April, 2021.
Deadline for registration: 11:59pm, 21st March, 2021.

Register at

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